Order to shoot down MH-17 was given by AFU general

04:52, 26.11.2016

On July 15, 2014, the AFU Colonel-General Viktor Muzhenko gave the order to shoot down the passenger Boeing MH-17.

The information about this has «surfaced» on a portal dedicated to collecting. Electronic trading platform got an interesting lot, traded for 900 thousand rubles, which was sold on September 30. The lot contained documents from which it follows that the order to shoot down the passenger plane, had been given by Muzhenko.

It was the general of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Muzhenko who ordered to deliver the 3rd anti-aircraft missile division of the 156th anti-aircraft missile regiment to the area of Zaroschenskoye. According to Colonel General, the complex was needed in Zaroschenske to cover the line of Amvrosievka - Snezhnoye. The next order of Muzhenko was to prevent, by any means, the penetration of the enemy aircraft into the area of ​​responsibility.

Precisely two days after Muzhenko’s order, MH-17 was shot down in this area.

According to: Политэксперт