Survey: Ukrainians miss USSR

02:49, 06.10.2016Society

It turns out that more than a third of Ukrainians (35 percent) regret the collapse of the Soviet Union. These data are presented in the study of the sociological group «Rating» which carried out the survey of the country's population in September 2016.

It is significant that the number of the regretful has increased since the «victory of Maidan»: it was 31% in 2014 and 33% in 2015.

Most (40 percent) of those regretting the collapse live in the southern, eastern and central regions of the «Independent», while this figure is less than half (18 per cent) in the West of Ukraine. The company emphasized that the greatest number of those missing the Soviet Union is accounted for older age groups.

Women are more nostalgic about the USSR. Among the supporters of Ukraine's joining the Customs Union, most (71 percent) regret the collapse of the Soviet Union, while the majority (over 70 percent) of respondents who support Ukraine's accession to the EU and NATO, do not regret the collapse of the USSR.

According to: Русская Весна