Romano Prodi urged to prepare for abolition of anti-Russian sanctions

22:58, 26.09.2016Economics

In the coming months, tensions between Russia and the European Union will decrease.

It was announced by Romano Prodi, the former Prime Minister of Italy and former European Commission President, at the Russian-Italian seminar «Russia and Italy: The Art of Innovation», held in Bologna.

‘We need to not only trust each other, but also to prepare for tomorrow when things change. I believe that Europeans opposing to the sanctions, have an increasing influence. It will not be too many months when the situation changes, the tension subsides. Those seeds that we are sowing today will give fruit tomorrow,’ said Prodi.

In addition, he emphasized ‘tremendous synergies’ between Russia and Europe, and expressed the conviction that without the EU, the ‘technological future" does not exist for Russia.

According to: Политнавигатор