SBU wants to prohibit religious procession to walk in Kiev

07:01, 29.07.2016

The SBU insists on the participants of all-Ukrainian religious procession for peace, organized by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) of Moscow Patriarchate, not moving through the streets of Kiev on foot.

This is announced in a statement posted on the site of the office.

Such a strange requirement is motivated by concern of ‘ensuring the security’ of the UOC faithful.

According to the statement on the site, this requirement was put forward at a meeting of law enforcement officials and representatives of the Kiev city and regional authorities.

‘The participants of the procession are asked to get to the center of the capital by bus which theKiev power will provide at the entrances to the city. The law enforcement officials are calling the faithful to understand the necessity of security measures,’ said the statement.

It is also reported that all participants of the religious procession would pass through turnstiles and metal detectors. In some cases, a personal inspection is not ruled out. During the religious procession march, Kiev will be flooded with patrols of the police, the Security Service, the National Guard and representatives of volunteer battalions. In the center of the capital several streets will be blocked, with the exact list of them published by the Kiev State City Administration.

The SBU also announced that, according to their information, the procession could be supposedly used by "anti-Ukrainian forces" to destabilize the situation in the country.

‘The SBU receives information from various sources about the presence of provocateurs among the faithful,’said the statement.

‘Therefore, we will consider any violent confrontation on religious grounds during the march as a provocation either by individuals or foreign intelligence services,’ said Stepan Greschuk, the head of the SBU Office in Kiev and the region.

This position of the Ukrainian authorities and intelligence agencies once again clearly shows the existence in the present Ukraine, together with the declared equality, of actual infringement of the civil rights of the Ukrainians taking part in activities disapproved by the official propaganda. It is significant that events of the so-called "Kiev Patriarchate" are not accompanied by such an artificial hysteria in the media and such security measures.

In fact, the requirement to ban the movement of participants of the UOC religious procession in Kiev on foot has the only goal, namely, to minimize the direct visual contact between the pilgrims arrived from all over Ukraine under the slogan of peace and residents of Kiev, wound up to the utter limit by hysterical warmongering and anti-Russian propaganda.