Shocking video of total lawlessness on Maidan

03:06, 23.11.2016Society

This video will not be shown to you by the corrupt Ukrainian media that have overfed spectators with soap stories about ‘the bloody dispersal’ and tears of peaceful «Theyarejustchildren».

On December 14, 2013, the great manipulator Savik Shuster refused, promptly and flat, to show in the live program "Shuster live» the operative video of the Interior Ministry.

His decision was supported by the opposition MPs present in the hall, with the «pigeons» wailing that it was not time to kindle a fire in the country …

‘We would like to see it, but not today,’ parried the host of the central, allegedly authorities-controlled TV channel, the insistent proposal by the representative of the Interior Ministry.

Now you can finally see the FULL video which Shuster refused to show to the Ukrainians about the «peaceful» beginning of protests on Maidan.