«ATO» headquarters: AFU did not occupy Donetsk filtration plant

00:56, 27.02.2017

Ukraine destroys the last hope for the negotiations.

The «ATO» headquarters stated that the information about the seizure of the Donetsk filtration plant by the Ukrainian military, was incorrect. It was stated by the press service of the headquarters. 

«In connection with the information, spread by certain Internet resources, about the alleged seizure by the Ukrainian side of objects of the Donetsk filtration plant for the shelling of uncontrolled territories of Ukraine, the press center of the headquarters of the ATO states that this information does not correspond to reality and is distributed in order to implement another provocation by the Russian occupation forces,’ says the statement.

The headquarters also claim that the Ukrainian side does not violate its obligations under the Minsk Agreements.

According to: Русская Весна