A Ukrainian soldier froze to death at the post because commanders forgot to replace him

00:33, 08.12.2016

The soldier's body was found by the militia on December 4. 

The LPR reported that the Ukrainian military «forget» their soldiers on the position. According to the official representative of the Defense Minister of the People's Republic, Andrey Marochko, there is new information about the non-combat losses in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to Marochko, in the woods near the locality of Pshenichnoye, there was found the body of the AFU junior sergeant who had frozen to death at the post. 

’On December 4, at 14.10, in the forest near the locality of Pshenichnoye, there found the body of junior sergeant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, D.Mischishin, deceased from hypothermia because the command had just forgotten to replace him,’ he said.

According to: REN TV