Ukrainian soldiers took away a smartphone from inhabitant of Schastye for using «banned» social network

01:08, 25.05.2017

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces took away a smartphone from an inhabitant of Schastye ‘in punishment’ for having installed a mobile application of the Russian social network banned in Ukraine. The victim reported this to the hotline of the LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs.

‘A girl from the city of Schastye, born in 1998, called the hotline of the LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs. She went to Lugansk for admission to one of the universities, and was returning home in a car. At a checkpoint near the village of Petrovka, the car was stopped by armed people with the AFU insignia,’ reported the Center for Public Relations of the LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

‘The soldiers ordered the documents and luggage to be presented for inspection, they found an LG smartphone in the bag of the applicant, ordered her to turn it on and give it to them for verification. Seeing the pop-up button on the popular Russian social network and having made sure it was working, the military stated that the applicant ‘violates Laws of Ukraine’ and that they ‘confiscate’ the smartphone. The victim tried to protest, but she was threatened with arrest and transfer to the SBU. After arriving home, the girl phoned the LPR MIA hotline from her relatives' phone,’ the police said. 

Over the past weekend, over 100 applications for crimes of the Ukrainian military on the temporarily occupied territory of the Lugansk region, came to the «hotline» of the LPR MIA.