US threatened Russian diplomats criminal prosecution in case of appearance in elections

02:04, 23.10.2016Politics

Local US authorities warned Russian diplomats about the possibility of criminal prosecution, if they appear at the polling stations during the presidential elections, reported the press service of the Russian Embassy in Washington.

Earlier, it was reported that the authorities of Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma had refused the request of representatives of the Russian Federation to attend as observers the general elections in the United States on 8 November. The US State Department spokesman John Kirby said that the observers of the Russian Federation should have sought admission to the US elections as part of the OSCE mission.

The Russian embassy said that they were ‘surprised, if not harder, at how the American side presents the texture of things’. The diplomatic mission reminded that participation in the elections as observers is a ‘normal function of embassies’ and US diplomats act in accordance with it in Russia.

A member of the CEC of Russia, Vasily Likhachev earlier said that the possibility for Russian representatives to observe the election of the US President is, to date, confined to remote monitoring, as the Russian side can not receive a permission to send the national delegation, with the US Embassy giving no answer and the State Department redirecting the request to the OSCE ODIHR.

According to: Московский Комсомолец