It became known why Poroshenko had sent Ukrainian soldiers to death

02:51, 08.06.2017

Today, Poroshenko once again stated the need to introduce an armed police mission to Donbass, which the LDPR had categorically opposed. 

Poroshenko announced this initiative at a meeting with Sebastian Kurz, the OSCE chairman and the federal minister for Europe, integration and foreign affairs of Austria. 

‘A particular attention was paid to the growth of cases of intimidation of the OSCE observers by pro-Russian militants... The head of state urged the Austrian Chairmanship to intensify consultations in Vienna, regarding the deployment of the OSCE armed police mission in Donbass,’ said the press service of Poroshenko. 

‘Well, everything is clear now... For the sake of this appeal today, over 10 soldiers of the AFU were killed. How does he live in this world? How does this fat, crumpled muzzle sleep? The Ukrainian media, the authorities’ trained dogs, reported, ‘The militants has gone on the offensive’. It's a lie. The AFU have occupied the gray zone, taken several heights. I have written this for idiots whom their embroidered shirt has pinched the carotid artery. Sons of ALL MPs are safe, and your children are now under artillery fire,’ commented the situation Irina Lashkevich, a war correspondent working on Donbass. 

According to: Русская Весна