JCCC: Ukrainian side disrupted separation of forces in Petrovsky (DPR)

02:39, 02.10.2016

The Ukrainian side disrupted the separation of forces planned for today in Petrovsky. It was reported by General Sergei Medvedtsky, the head of the Russian side in the Joint Center for Coordination and Control (JCCC), in an interview with the command of the DPR.

‘General Kremenetsky (the head of the Ukrainian side to the JCCC) reported on readiness of their units to the withdrawal, however, the signal that the AFU began to move in the rear areas did not follow,’ said Medvedtsky to representatives of the command.

According to him, the withdrawal was postponed to a later date. The time of the second attempt of the withdrawal will be known in approximately 8 hours. 

As it was explained by the DPR command, the entire withdrawal procedure was to be completed for three days.