Judge did not let Yanukovych speak, interrupting his speech

05:03, 26.11.2016Society

The judge of the Svyatoshynsky District Court in Kiev did not let the former President of Ukraine, Yanukovych finish his speech.

The servant of Themis stated that he could not start questioning Viktor Yanukovich until the former soldiers of the Special Forces unit «Berkut» were delivered to the courtroom.

When Yanukovych asked to speak, the judge said that he could only speak on the issue of postponing the court session and his participation in it.

The judge also added that, due to the absence of the former «Berkut» soldiers, the court was adjourned until Monday, 28 November.

Today, about a hundred men of the «Right Sector» blocked a paddy wagon with the former Ukrainian soldiers of the Special Forces «Berkut», due to which they could not take part in the hearing.

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