Political scientist: Murders at checkpoint Elenovka aim at disrupter of Minsk Process

02:17, 29.04.2016

The goal of mass murder at the checkpoint in Elenovka during the overnight shelling is a disrupter of the Minsk process, said the political analyst Denis Denisov, an expert of the Institute of CIS countries.

He agreed with the DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko’s version that the attack at the checkpoint could have been a provocation, a response of the battalion Aydar to Victoria Nuland’s statement in Kiev about the need to implement the Minsk-2.

‘Obviously, the statements made by Zakharchenko correspond to the reality. I have myself already contacted people; we know that there is a large number of victims caused by this provocation, including a pregnant woman killed, there are terrible things happening there. We have to consider this problem in the complex, as a purposeful series of provocations on the part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the so-called volunteer battalions, aimed at disrupting the Minsk Agreements.

Speaking about the context, namely, Nuland's statements, they are not as linear as they seem at first glance either. There is a great fear that the Ukrainian partners will once again reinvent the wheel unilaterally and vote laws that are of interest to them, but not corresponding to what is written in the Minsk Agreements. Such attacks will, apparently, continue, they are links in the same chain, providing for Kiev to withdraw from the Minsk Agreements and disrupt them,’ said Denisov.