Poroshenko recognized separatism in South-East

19:19, 14.09.2016Politics

In several areas of Ukraine the local authorities can be replaced by military-civilian administrations, like in the Kiev-controlled parts of Donbass, reported the «Nezavisimaya Gazeta», referring to a bill on the hybrid authorities on the territory from the border with the Crimea to the ATO zone, registered in the Verkhovnaya Rada by a MP from the BPP, Ivan Vinnik.

‘Ivan Vinnick called ‘the activation within these areas of the subversion activities of apologists of the Russian world’ a preparation for the implementation of scenarios dangerous for Ukraine. On the other hand, as the MP pointed out, separatist sentiments are growing in Ukraine. To counter the threat, the Verkhovnaya Rada is proposed to expand the practice of forming military-civilian administrations,’ the publication quotes the contents of the explanatory note to the bill.

At the same time, one of the experts, who asked not to be named, told the newspaper that, by the MP Vinnick's hands, Poroshenko’s team tries to strengthen their position in the case of early parliamentary elections.

‘In the south and east, they will not only fail to gain the votes, they will go into negative. Obviously, it is the «Opposition Bloc» that will win there, which plays for the resumption and normalization of relations with Russia and for negotiations with Donbass. To avoid this, the authorities is seek to ensure in advance the control over the situation in the form of military and civilian administrations,’ he said.

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