Poroshenko has no room for maneuver or resource left

23:07, 22.09.2016Politics

One of the main problems of Poroshenko in his relations with the West is that the Ukrainian President is no longer able to control the situation in the country, and the society is growing aware of the need to change the current regime, writes in the "News" the president of the Center for Systems Analysis and Forecasting, Rostislav Ischenko.

‘In recent months, in spite of the increase in conflicts between radicals and moderates Ukrainian politicians, there is a national consensus on one issue in Kiev. The poor and the oligarchs, the Nazis and anti-fascists, the Russian-speaking residents of the southeast and the Galicians, all of them agree with the thesis that Poroshenko has to go,’ notes the analyst.

‘The regime, whose internal stability was determined by the external support, sagged once it was needed to demonstrate the internal stability for the continuation of external support. Poroshenko is no longer capable of any active targeted activities, for he does not have any room for maneuver or resource left. Now he can only wait and hope that everything will resolve itself somehow,’summarizes Ischenko.

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