Sheremet's murder as provocation against authorities and prologue to bloody revolution

16:10, 20.07.2016

What happened to Pavel Sheremet is a provocation against the current Ukrainian authorities, which aims at loosening the situation and pushing it to a bloody coup.

That was a comment on today's murder in Kiev of Pavel Sheremet, a liberal-nationalist journalist of the "Ukrainian Truth", made by his colleague Alexander Dubinsky, an investigative journalist from the channel "1 +1".

'It is a provocation, in the first place, against the authorities which should now (deservedly) become the object of attack by all the media, lending a hand to "revolutionary activists". In spite of topical instructions which have come into use again lately. I can not believe that the car was undermined remotely "in the blind", without realizing that there was no Alena Prytula in it. So, Pavel, not much annoying the authorities and not very recognizable in the "common" society, was blown up on purpose. To shake up the media, society, volunteer battalions, to undermine the authorities and plunge the country into chaos once again. I would like to repeat, into internal or external chaos,' he wrote on his page in the social network.

According to Alexander Dubinsky, the most dangerous thing is that this murder can be followed by others.

'The next revolution will be really bloody. But it seems that it can not be avoided ...' made the journalist a pessimistic conclusion.