Ukraine: Boundless "witch hunt" begins

03:14, 14.04.2016

Today the Verkhovnaya Rada is picketed, with a demand not to pass the bill №4057 which allows prosecutors to confiscate money from citizens before the court judgment and without a proper investigation.

The first reading took place nearly a month ago. And if the show of March 17 in the Verkhovnaya Rada had been broadcast in the Netherlands, the referendum would not have been needed as such abuse of human rights and the presumption of innocence has never happened in the history of law.

Ukraine introduced to the world its new know-how from the sphere of advanced “democracy”. In accordance with the bill adopted in the first reading, it will be possible to take away the property and funds of the citizens only on the basis of suspicion that they were obtained illegally.

Now the court's decision is not necessary. It is not necessary to explain to anyone what "illegally" means in the conditions of modern Ukraine. The process itself of change of power in Ukraine two years ago is a standard of all possible law violations. Since that moment the will and viewpoint of the armed minority is the Law of Ukraine.

The “great oracles” making speeches under the dome of the Parliament, stated that the new initiative would help to return ‘Yanukovych's stolen billions’ to the country. The fact that it is just an excuse is clear to themselves and any outside observer. Their objectives are quite obvious, namely a possibility of reprisals against anyone who, by ideological or economic parameters, does not meet the interests of the existing power system in Ukraine.

Using a screen that hides the true far-reaching plans of the organisers of any process is a common technological trick.

The same principle is applied in dragging the bill on "billions of Yanukovych." How can you be against the removal of ‘Yanukovych’s stolen billions’? Even opponents of Maidan could hardly oppose it. All who do will be immediately listed as accomplices of the ‘criminal regime’.

However, this law will be used, of course, not only in intraspecific, internecine struggle of oligarchs. According to the document adopted in the first reading, ‘the withdrawal of funds in favour of the state is carried out in criminal proceedings with respect to a number of crimes, such as misappropriation, embezzlement, obtaining them through the abuse of power, the creation of a criminal organisation, acceptance of an offer or receipt of undue advantage by an official (bribery)’.

In today's Ukraine, the main "criminal organisations" are considered to be the DPR and LPR. Moreover, the size of the personal funds of the suspect is not specified. Thus, we can expect the opening of criminal prosecution and seizure of personal property of all those who will only be suspected of dissent.

The bill №4057 will allow the authorities to completely free their hands in the infinite stifling, by power and economic methods, of all those who try to resist the organised suicide Ukraine.

In essence, it is a new rule of law which is approved by denying one of the fundamental pillars - the presumption of innocence. Moreover, this rule will cause the completion of the investigation into only to be unadvisable, but contraindicated as well.