Ukraine nervous because of Russia’s return to PACE

02:01, 11.10.2016Politics

The Ukrainian delegation to the PACE is concerned about the possibility of Russia's return to the Assembly. This development scenario is becoming more affordable in the light of the call of the head of the PACE Pedro Agramunt to return Russia.

It was written by Alexey Pushkov, the ex-head of the Duma Committee, on his page in Twitter.

‘The PACE President Agramunt officially urged Russia to return to the PACE. Our condition is known, it is the equal participation and no sanctions to our delegation,’ he emphasized.

According to Pushkov, the possibility of the return of the Russian delegation to the PACE alarmed Kiev.

‘Kiev is nervous as in the PACE, there are growing sentiments in favor of a full return of the Russian delegation’. 

He added that Ukraine is trying to disrupt the process.

Earlier, Kiev already declared that it might suspend its membership in the case of restoration of the powers of the Russian Federation to the PACE.