Ukraine imposed sanctions against Russian payment systems

00:48, 19.10.2016Economics

A number of Russian payment systems came under the expanded sanctions of Ukraine, which follows from the Presidential Decree №467 / 2016 posted on the website of the President.

The sanctions were imposed on the payment system «Colibri», operated by the SberBank, the «Golden Crown», the «Unistream», the «International Money Transfer Leader», the Anelik and the Blizko.

The sanctions imply a ban on activities of these payment systems on the territory of Ukraine.

The reason for the introduction of the sanctions, according to the text of the decree, is actions ‘that create real or potential threats to the national interests, the national security, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, promote a terrorist activity or occupation of the territory, the expropriation or restriction of property rights, property losses, constitute an obstacle to sustainable economic development, the full implementation by the Ukrainian citizens of their rights and freedoms’.