Ukraine blocked deliveries of Belarussian fuel to Transnistria

01:12, 03.08.2016

Ukraine has blocked the supply of fuel and lubricants to Transnistria. From the border with Transnistria a 24-car train was sent back to the producing plant in Belarus, where another 39 cars are waiting to be sent off.

The Ukrainian authorities explain their actions by the government decree of Moldova of 2002, by which the supply of goods by rail to Transnistria, bypassing the territory of Moldova, is prohibited.

'What is happening today, while Ukrainian colleagues refer to the documents the Moldovan partners of 2002, says that the situation is triggered by some internal and external reasons today, in 2016. It is obvious that there is a set of interests in Chisinau and Kiev to make the situation in Transnistria most tense and further deteriorated it in the economic and social sectors,' commented the Transnistrian political analyst Sergey Shirokov.

Meanwhile, traders of the Transnistria Moldavan Republic note that the fuel reserves in the country will last just for 10 days.