Ukrainian nationalists intend to set on fire a number of TV channels in Kiev

00:09, 05.11.2016Society

The Ukrainian radical Dmitry Korchinskiy, who is suspected of organizing the arson of the TV channel «Inter», announced a new massacre of the media undesirables by the Kiev regime. He announced on the air of the TV channel «ZIK».

According to him, the Ukrainian radicals will continue to «clean up» the underground from the unwanted. Korchinskiy also noted that in Ukraine there had already been created a squad which will against with the media that do not understand that there is a war, not a civil conflict in the country.

‘If an owner of a TV channel or a radio station does not understand that we have a war, he needs to be shown this war, he needs to smell the smoke. Recently the :Inter» breathed the smoke, now other television and radio stations will breath it. Those that help the enemy to create an associative basis for enemy propaganda,’ he said.

The political analyst Andrey Vajra earlier said that allegations of the pro-Russian editorial policy of the «Inter» was just an excuse to put pressure on the media. According to him, a true benefactor of the pogrom of the TV channel «Inter» was the President of Ukraine Poroshenko.

According to: Новостное агенство Харьков