Ukrainians demand restoring ties with Russia

21:09, 10.09.2016Economics

The TV channel «NewsOne» conducted a survey among 20 thousand Ukrainian citizens, and, as it turned out, the majority of respondents were in favor of the restoration of trade and economic cooperation with the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian journalists can not believe it because, in the end, 78% of the citizens voted for the trade and economic relations with Russia to improve as it means jobs for people at Ukrainian enterprises which had previously cooperated with Russia.

The former Transport Minister, E. Chervonenko said that, because of the political conflicts, half a million people had lost their jobs. People are simply tired of endless problems and unemployment.

Chervonenko emphasized that in Ukraine, the situation in agriculture had dramatically worsened. According to him, a great outcry from the people is brewing in the state because the Kiev authorities are once again deceiving the people.

According to the former minister, if the country rises, while the Ukrainians do not have anything more precious than the land and work on it, the chaos can begin in the country.