Action in Berlin in support of residents of DPR and LPR

04:00, 18.01.2017Society

Within the framework of the XXII International Rosa Luxemburg Conference in Berlin, took place an action in support of the residents of Donbass «# 1000 days in spite». This was reported by the LPR Federation of Trade Unions. The campaign collected over 2,800 people. 

One of the participants was a musician of the Italian group «Banda Bassotti», David Kachchione who supports the DPR and LPR and had visited Donbass personally.

‘We came to the conference at the invitation of our friends from the organization «Jungl Welt» which is one of the organizers of this conference. This trip gave us the opportunity to speak openly about the war in Donbass, where shelling, bombing and killing civilians have been going on over 1,000 days. At the same time, all this happens at the silence of the European media which have so worried recently about the victims in Syria. We said that we are implementing a number of joint projects with the Republics of Donbass and planning to visit Lugansk. The event also raised problems of other regions in Europe. At the end of our performance, we sang «The Internationale». We began to sing in Italian, but all the public picked it up and everyone was singing in his own language. It was a very touching moment,’ said the Italian musician.

According to: RNT