In Dokuchaevsk, water supply halted due to AFU shelling

01:40, 13.06.2017

In Dokuchaevsk, which is located to the south of Donetsk, a local emergency regime is declared. The water  supply has stopped in the town, because of the water conduit stop caused by the AFU. According to local residents, they have been experiencing water problems for several days. 

The press service of the DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that in order to minimize the consequences of the emergency, the water supply of Dokuchaevsk is provided from the water intake «Maysky». Nevertheless, in the evenings, residents of the city have to stand in line to the well for several hours. 

As a result of the shelling by the AFU, it is not only Dokuchaevsk left without water, but also a number of large towns temporarily controlled by Kiev.