US State Department refused to comment on subversions in Crimea

03:07, 14.08.2016

The US State Department did not make any statements about the thwarted terrorist attacks in the Crimea, prepared, according to the FSB, by the intelligence of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine.

Operatives of the Federal Security Service of Russia managed to detain one of the organizers and several others involved in the sabotage. They are already giving a confession. Meanwhile, Kiev denies any connection with the preparation of terrorist attacks on the peninsula.

‘We have seen reports, but so far I do not have the details for you. I recommend you to apply to the government of Ukraine, we keep in touch with them as well,’ said the US State Department spokeswoman.

At the same time, she added that Washington's position on the Crimea remains unchanged; the United States consider the peninsula a part of Ukraine.