Kiev fears that Russian, Hungarians and Poles will take away «their own»

02:30, 19.11.2016Society

In Avakov’s institution, there were named countries that could lay claim to the territory of Ukraine. 

It was stated by Ilya Kiva, an odious adviser to the Interior Minister, on the air of the «Skrypin.ua». 

According to him, «enemies» of Ukraine are Russians, Hungarians and Poles.

‘Russians will use any instability and undermine the situation in the country. Russians are the enemy, Russians are those who will come and destroy our country. Hungarians will take away their own, Poles will take away their own, Russians will take away their own, and Ukraine will lose its statehood,’ Kiva said.

It should be mentioned that speaking about potential claims of the neighboring countries on certain Ukrainian territories, the adviser of Arsen Avakov used the phrase ‘take away their own’ and not, for example, ‘take away ours’.

According to: Политнавигатор