Kiev proposes to beat the Russian-speaking with sticks

23:46, 19.09.2016Society

A Kiev journalist Natalia Lebid offered her recipe of the radical Ukrainianization of unconscious Ukrainians, having stated it in a publication with the eloquent title «Learn Ukrainian, or you will die or emigrate».

‘Never will Ukraine become Ukrainian until the system of culling ‘anyone who ignores the Ukrainian language works,’ she wrote her page in social networks.

‘Do you want the Ukrainian language? Pull MPs by the nipples, write a petition to the President. Push the position a la Estonia: you do not know the language, then you will not get citizenship; you do not receive citizenship, you can not find a job; you can not find a job, you will to die or emigrate. All these numerous spells on the language subject, all these ‘ the language is the genetic code of the nation’, all endless author’s columns is only using trend themes, like «Glory to the Communist party» inside out,’ said the journalist.

At the same time, Natalia Lebid urges to follow the example of such odious dictatorial regimes like in Singapore, or to build a society of apartheid like in nationalist Estonia where the Russian-speaking population is disenfranchised.

‘Only coercion will work. And there is nothing wrong with it. We all admire Singapore and Lee Kuan Yew, don’t we? (Another fashion trend, by the way.) However, in Singapore there is corporal punishment for violation of certain rules. And no one pees in elevators …’ said the Kiev journalist.

According to: Политнавигатор