Moscow openly warned about dismemberment of Ukraine

03:02, 06.09.2016Politics

If the Ukrainian authorities, instead of performing the Minsk Agreements, continue aggressive rhetoric against Russia and repression and discrimination of the Russian population, the Russian authorities will be forced to go to the dismemberment of the former Soviet republic.

It was announced by Alexey Chesnakov, a political analyst and the head of the Center of political conjuncture, at a press conference in Moscow.

‘If Europe does not make efforts to apply pressure on Kiev, it is possible that the hostilities will be resumed. For Russia, the implementation of the agreements that were signed in Minsk on 12 February 2015, is fundamental. It ensures that the Donbass Republics will have autonomous status,’ he said.

‘As an expert, I can see what is happening in Ukraine. If Ukraine continues to increase aggressive rhetoric in relation to the Russian Federation, perceive the Russians as enemies, if the Ukrainian authorities adopt laws toughening stance towards the Russians, then, of course, Russia is most likely to have no other choice than to request, by any means in fact, the disintegration of Ukraine and turning it into either a federal state, or into a union of states, or into several independent states.

If you have at your borders a state where the authorities antagonize the public, with highly aggressive rhetoric, against a neighbor, and in this state lived 40-42 million people. you can not just sit idly by,’ stated Chesnakov.

He drew attention to the appearance in the Ukrainian press of an article by Vladimir Gorbulin, the adviser of the Ukrainian President, where the author ‘describes the ideology of a future war between Ukraine and Russia’.

‘This is not the first but the third article by Mr. Gorbulin. If such articles come out, it’s a declaration that Ukraine is preparing for a war with Russia. We can not sit and wait when some kind of Anschluss happens. There won’t be any Anschluss of Donbass. Let them not count on it. Whatever "Mein Kampf" Gorbulin writes,’ warned Chesnakov.

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