Letters «United States of Russia» in the skies over Washington

02:09, 21.01.2017

That’s how the Americans have decoded the acronym USR that appeared during fireworks. 

The US President-elect Donald Trump began to take part in celebrations on the occasion of his inauguration on Thursday. In the evening he performed in a concert at the Lincoln Memorial, after which large-scale fireworks began.

As conceived by its organizers, the fireworks at the Washington sky should have created the letters USA (United States of America). However, the abbreviation turned out a bit different, USR.

All this caused heated discussion in the social networks. In particular, one user wrote that apparently ‘Russians hacked’ presidential fireworks as well, as this abbreviation can be deciphered as the United States of Russia. The idea was picked up by another blogger who suggested that in such  a way, Trump had revealed his plans for the United States. 

Finally, someone decided that another letter S had been omitted in the sky, in this case the inscription would have looked even more ominous, USSR (the Soviet Union).

According to: Mосковский комсомолец