AFU shelling killed 18 militiamen and 6 civilians

03:39, 04.02.2017

Over the past week, the AFU 14,500 times shelled the territory of the People's Republic of Donetsk, 18 militiamen and six civilians were killed. 

According to the deputy commander of the DPR operational command, Eduard Basurin, over the past week, in the massive artillery shelling of residential areas of the DPR localities by the Ukrainian military, there were killed 6 and injured 34 civilians. 

‘Our losses are 18 soldiers dead and 26 wounded,’ said the deputy commander.

‘In just the past week, the enemy shelled the territory of the DPR 14,556 times, including 8,103 times of using MLRS «Uragan» and «Grad», artillery, tanks and mortars. 33 localities of the DPR came under fire of the punishers. In total, over the past week, 188 houses and social facilities were destroyed or damaged by the Ukrainian criminals in the localities Donetsk, Makeevka, Yasinovataya, Dokuchaevsk, Gorlovka, Zaytsevo, Leninskoye, Dzerzhinskoye and Kominternovo,’ said Eduard Basurin. 

According to him, since January 29, the AFU has made ten attacks on the DPR position, two of them near the locality of Kominternovo, and the rest in the Avdeevka industrial zone. 

‘As a result of the failure of these ill-conceived attacks, confirmed by data from the headquarters of the military operation, the Ukrainian units suffered losses of over 230 killed and 450 wounded soldiers,’ said Eduard Basurin. 

According to him, the AFU also lost seven artillery pieces, two tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles, and five trucks with ammunition. 

It should be noted, the situation on the contact line in Donbass has dramatically deteriorated, with heavy artillery being actively used. The AFU are shelling the capital of the DPR and its surroundings with MLRS «Grad», and the whole city is shaking.

According to: Информационное агенство News Front