As a result of AFU shelling, Donetsk filtration plant de-energized again

21:08, 02.05.2017

The Donetsk filtration plant (DFP) was again de-energized and stopped its work due to the shelling by the AFU. This was reported by a representative of the communal company «Water of Donbass». 

‘About 15 minutes ago, the Donetsk filtration plant was de-energized. Its vicinity is again being shelled, the power lines are damaged,’ it was reported. 

The representative of the enterprise added that at the moment, the DFP personnel had been evacuated to a shelter. According to him, the shelling is continuing. 

‘It is impossible to withdraw the plant’s employees because of the continuing bombardment,’ he added.

According to: Новости Донецкой Республики