Warsaw has put forward an ultimatum to Kiev

01:48, 01.04.2017

The Consulates General of Poland in Ukraine, whose work was suspended after the shelling in Lutsk, will begin to function only after ensuring the security of all employees of diplomatic missions by Kiev. 

This was stated in an ultimatum form by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Vitold Vashchikovsky. 

‘The Consulates will open only when we are sure that their security will be guaranteed, he said. 

Vashchikovsky added that it is the Ukrainian state that should guarantee the security of the Polish consular institutions.

‘Only when we are convinced that both we and the Ukrainian side have done everything possible to guarantee security for our missions, we will restore the normal functioning of these institutions,’ the foreign minister noted. 

The Polish minister emphasized that the details of what had happened in Lutsk could be established only after the Warsaw investigation. 

‘Today we know how this attack was carried out, we know what kind of weapon was used, we know from what distance (it was shot from), but we expect that the next answer to this will be: who did it and why?’ concluded Vashchikovsky.

According to: Русская Весна