Video message from jail: in Ukraine people tortured for freedom of speech

16:25, 23.02.2016

A journalist and political prisoner Ruslan Kotsaba appealed to the Ukrainian society and media representatives, asking them to actively spread the information about what is happening now in Ukraine: people are being tortured in the country for just expressing their point of view.

‘This is wrong that now the Ukraine people are being imprisoned for freedom of speech. I'm against the war. Now murderers and rapists are getting out of prisons, and I’ve been staying here for more than a year on trumped up charges of the SBU and the Prosecutor's Office. Because I asked President Poroshenko to stop the fratricidal civil war in Donbass. I tried to tell the judge that I have a family. And they just bullied me. My children can not live in this country, they do not have any chance. It is very painful to admit. There is a war, a civil war in which there will be no winners. I want my word to reach the people as widely as possible.’

After almost two hours of interrogation, the Ivano-Frankovsk City Court left journalist Ruslan Kotsaba in detention for another two months, until 16 April.

‘Hold on, Ruslan. You are almost the only Ukrainian journalist who came to Donbass at the very beginning of the war and showed footage on Ukrainian television, telling the truth about what is going on here. We wish you health and strength to survive this,’ told Ruslan Kotsaba users of social networks in their comments.

http://www.politnavigator.net/videoobrashhenie-ruslana-kocaby-iz-sizo-na-ukraine-za-svobodu-slova-pytayut-lyudejj.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ynt28me9_U&feature=youtu.be