Ukrainian army shelled LPR territory, one civilian died

01:18, 15.01.2017

On the night of January 14, the AFU shelled the territory of the LPR, using heavy artillery. 

In particular, the fire from 122mm artillery was opened from the direction of Popasnaya on the locality of Irmino. As a result, a civilian was killed. 

‘As a result of the shelling, there was killed a man born in 1989, who lived at Irmino, in the Gaidar St, 76,’ reported the department of the internal policy and information of the Stakhanov administration.

‘In a residential house in the Gaidar St, 76, the windows are damaged by shrapnel, as well as the roof of the house and the fence. There are also damaged power lines in the Gaidar St. A team of the Stakhanov repair office is working on the site,’ added the town administration. 

The head of the Stakhanov administration, Sergei Zhevlakov, and experts of the restoration management department left for the site of the shelling. 

‘The information on the destruction is being specified,’ added the Stakhanov mayor's office.

According to: Русская Весна