Ukrainian military shot a bus with civilians at checkpoint «Mayorsk»

12:26, 14.12.2016

The Ukrainian military shot a bus with civilians at the checkpoint «Mayorsk» near Gorlovka, there are dead people. This was reported by a source in the DPR security agencies.

‘This morning, at the checkpoint «Mayorsk», the Ukrainian military opened fire on a bus with civilians, which was moving from the territory of the DPR,’ said the representative of the agency.

He noted that, as a result of the shooting, one civilian was killed and another died of a heart attack, a third was wounded. The incident took place on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian soldiers.

‘The fire was opened from a Kalashnikov automatic gun,’ said the source.

The DPR operational command added that immediately after the shooting on the bus, Kiev fighters had opened mortar fire on the positions of the Republican forces, provoking a retaliation.

According to: ДАН