Elections will be held in Donetsk in 2017 whether Ukraine wants it or not

00:05, 05.11.2016Politics

The Republics of Donbass are no longer going to tolerate sabotage of the implementation of the Minsk Agreements by Kiev and agree on new concessions; the local elections will be held in the DPR in 2017, whether Ukraine wants it or not.

It was announced by during the Head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, during the direct line with the citizens of the Republic.

‘As it is known, at the Minsk meetings we are constantly accused of being, supposedly, unable to hold the elections on our own. But we held primaries. What did it give us? Firstly, we tested our strength, and we were ourselves surprised by such a high turnout. We showed that we are able to provide security, able on our own, without the involvement of foreign forces, to hold elections. The whole world saw it. It was our response to the West’s accusations.

We gave the people an opportunity to say: we want this person or that. Those who won are highly esteemed and will be considered as candidates in the upcoming local elections.

Considering the local elections. In Minsk, a number of decisions were made, which we, as well as Ukraine, should perform. The fact that Ukraine does not fulfill the Minsk is on their conscience. However, if we do not comply with Minsk, we will be blamed for this, which is unacceptable.

As Kiev has not passed a number of bills, we have postponed the elections. Of course, we will not postpone them indefinitely. I think in 2017 we will hold the elections either according to the Minsk Agreements, or on our own. The level of the primaries showed that we can manage any local elections. In any case, the victory will be ours, both military and political,’ summed up Zakharchenko.

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