Zakharchenko announced collecting signatures for a petition of a failure by Ukraine of the UN Security Council resolution on the implementation of the Minsk agreements

02:13, 02.06.2016

Statement of the Head of the People's Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko

on the launch of collecting signatures for a petition on the failure by Ukraine

of the UN Security Council resolution of 02.17.2015

"On approval of the Complex of measures for the implementation of the Minsk Agreements"

On February 17, 2015, the UN Security Council, at its meeting, unanimously adopted a resolution on Ukraine in support of the Minsk Agreements in general, and a set of measures, in particular. Since then, the Complex of measures has become an international legal instrument binding on all members of the international law.

The resolution, inter alia, states that all parties to the Ukrainian conflict must fully implement the Minsk agreements. The document also stresses that the conflict can be resolved only by peaceful means.

It's been half a year since the signing of the Complex of measures in Minsk, but Ukraine has not even commenced the implementation of its provisions.

Instead, Kiev is engaged in imitating real steps and, under false pretences, delaying the peace process. Ukraine has not fulfilled even the first paragraphs of the Complex of measures which precede a political settlement:

  • Kiev does not comply with the ceasefire, and continues to bombard our cities, including with heavy guns, which is the violation of the paragraph 2 of the Complex of measures;
  • Amnesty, spelled out in the paragraph 5 of the Complex of measures is not adopted;
  • The Ukrainian side simulates the process of release and exchange of the hostages, based on the principle "all for all" prescribed by the paragraph 6 of the Complex of measures. They are trying to exchange Ukrainian military captured with weapons in hand for people trapped by the SBU on frivolous charges and often having nothing to do with the conflict. At the same time, our comrades and thousands of political prisoners remain in Ukrainian prisons.

In the Minsk agreements there are commitments of the parties of the conflict, and those of Kiev, in the first place, and we continue to state the absolute unpreparedness and unwillingness on the part of the Kiev authorities to follow the obligations signed by the head of Ukraine.

Against this background, the West is beginning to realise that this tactic of Ukraine is sabotage of the Minsk Agreements, and that the peace in Donbas is beneficial today to all, except Kiev.

The public of Donbass initiates an appeal to the international organisations to stop the genocide of the people of Donbas by the Ukrainian authorities and stop the punitive operation called the ATO.

We begin the process of collecting signatures, and we will show the world that millions of our fellow citizens are waiting for peace and the end to the nightmare having been continuing through the fault of Kiev for two years. Together we can prove that the truth is on the side of the people of Donbass.

After that no country in the world can silently turn a blind eye to lawlessness occurring in our land. No propaganda machine will be able to resist us.

No one has ever put Donbass on its knees, and no one is able to do it!

God is not in force, but in the truth!