Statement of LPR People’s Militia official representative on OSCE mission patrols work

23:44, 24.06.2017

The Ukrainian side continues to shell its positions for the subsequent accusation of this of the People's Republics. 

Another incident occurred on June 23 in the area of the locality of Zolotoye in the zone of responsibility of the 24th brigade of the AFU. The Kiev military purposefully conducted a provocation on the eve of the visit of the Deputy Head of the OSCE Mission, Alexander Hug, to the area. The provocative shelling of the positions occupied by units of the 24th brigade of the AFU, was conducted by the nationalists of the «Right Sector», despite the work of the OSCE mission patrols in the area. These bombardments were documented in a special report by the OSCE observers who were in close proximity at that moment. 

The report clearly indicates the directions of the attacks and the location of positions of the Kiev military, between which the shelling took place. 

A link to this report can be found on our official website. 

This provocation clearly indicates the unwillingness of the Kiev side to observe the so-called «bread ceasefire» which began at 0:00 on June 24, under the agreement of the Tripartite Contact Group. 

In my turn, I would like to say that the LPR People’s Militia adheres to the «silence regime» and respects the Minsk Agreements. Our actions are aimed at resolving the conflict in Donbass peacefully, but in the event of an aggravation of the situation, the LPR People’s Militia reserves the right to take decisive action to liberate the territories seized by the Kiev military.