At emergency briefing Zakharchenko confirmed nationalization of Ukrainian oligarchs’ enterprises

20:28, 27.02.2017

The Head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, at an emergency briefing, confirmed the prospect of nationalization of enterprises of Ukrainian oligarchs on the territory of the Republic. According to him, all businesses must urgently undertake the registration in the DPR.

‘If this is not done, then on Wednesday, the first of March, at midnight, all these enterprises are coming under our jurisdiction. This is my main message, so please take it attentively. 

You know that, due to the blockade, the Yenakiyevo Steel Plant and many other enterprises have stopped their work, and we understand that these enterprises should be put into operation, we need to think about the people. Therefore, the decision has been taken that unless they are not re-registered before Wednesday, then on Wednesday they will come under our control. 

This applies to all entities under the Ukrainian jurisdiction: stadiums, hotels, and so on. All of them,’ said Zakharchenko. 

According to him, today, there will be held an extraordinary session of the DPR parliament, where all the necessary acts for the nationalization will be adopted.

‘All enterprises will be controlled by the relevant ministries, but a separate structure will also be created. The reason for it is that all enterprises will be focused on the Russian Federation, to receive raw materials and organize production, therefore, for better co-ordination, we will have to create a single management company which will receive orders, distribute raw materials and finished products,’ said the leader of the DPR. 

Being asked whether the nationalization is a temporary measure, Zakharchenko said: 

‘There is nothing more permanent than temporary (just kidding). In fact, this decision has been ripening for a long time. I have always said that there is  good time for everything. We are at war. It's time to make strategic decisions. This decision has been taken at the time when it is necessary. We have repeatedly spoken about our independence. Many asked me questions, ‘How is it possible that Ukrainian enterprises work on the territory of the DPR and pay taxes?’. Here, it is time for these companies to stop working like this,’ said the Head of the Republic.

According to: Политнавигатор