Zakharova revealed meaning of Biden’s message to Ukrainian President

22:55, 22.09.2016Politics

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova commented on information that the US Vice President Joe Biden had informed Poroshenko that a number of the EU countries were ready to abandon the sanctions against Russia.

'Translated, it reads, ‘Brothers Ukrainians! You still have to pull your socks. Forget about the sense, do not think about the consequences. Your goal is the extension of the anti-Russian sanctions! Repeat it three times a day, and the happiness of our children will be the consolation of yours,’ wrote Zakharova in her Facebook.

Earlier, Biden reminded the authorities of Ukraine about the need to keep their promises on economic and political reforms. Otherwise, Biden warned, the European Union would give up the anti-Russian sanctions. He made such a statement the next day after the meeting with Poroshenko, during which it was announced that the United States were ready to provide Kiev with $ 1 billion oan guarantees.

According to: RT на русском