UN Security Council meeting to discuss Crimean events

03:17, 14.08.2016

A closed meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the Crimean events ended in New York.

The meeting was initiated by the Ukrainian side. The Russian representative Vitaly Churkin said the talks had been useful. He also expressed the hope that the Kiev would show prudence and would not allow the escalation of the conflict.

At the same time, Vitaly Churkin said that calling for this meeting had been an attempt of Ukraine to divert attention from the conflict in Donbass that Kiev does not want to solve.

In addition, Churkin said that many members of the UN Security Council at that meeting had called for the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, which coincides with the position of Russia.

The events on the peninsula were also discussed today, on the phone, by Sergey Lavrov and his colleague from France. The head of the Russian Foreign Minister emphasized that what had happened in the Crimea should encourage international partners to a more energetic influence on Kiev.