Residents of Kiev-controlled territories demand to stop shelling LPR

18:03, 23.12.2016

The enemy has placed its artillery units on the outskirts of the localities Svetlodarsk and Mironovsky and, hiding behind civilians, is cowardly carrying out punitive bombardments of civilians in Debaltsevo. As a result, the LPR civilian population is suffering.

At the moment, we know for certain about the following destructions in Debaltsevo:

  • a direct hit by an artillery shell in a private house;
  • a hit of the territory of the church;
  • a hit by an artillery shell in the kindergarten yard;
  • a hit by artillery shells of the area of a high school.

The hotline of the Emergency State Service of Ukraine is receiving calls from concerned residents of Mironovsky and Svetlodarsk, demanding to stop the fire from the AFU artillery placed in residential neighborhoods.