A viewer phoned on the air of Ukrainian TV: Stop lying about the Crimea!

03:09, 27.01.2017Society

A Kharkov resident phoned to the Ukrainian television channel NewsOne and demanded an explanation why the hosts called Russia an «aggressor», if Russia provided better conditions for the inhabitants of the Crimea than once Ukraine. 

The viewer, who introduced himself as Michael, denied that the the Ukrainian «patriots» were leaving the Crimea en masse. According to the man, it is unrealistic to exchange a housing in Kharkov for the Crimean property.

‘You often say ‘aggressor’, and I am surprised why the «aggressor» takes much better care of our Ukrainians in the Crimea? They have my four times as high pension as mine, free medicine, and so on. It turns out then, who is the aggressor? 

We have made the aggressor inside for ourselves. And it turns out that the external «aggressor» takes such care of our citizens that it is even surprising ... 

I have tried to exchange my housing for an apartment. Like, there are patriots there who would leave, and people though I was crazy, no one wants to go to Ukraine from there,’ said the Kharkov resident.