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Ukrainian Artillery Sighting Donetsk - Hundreds of Mercenaries on Ukrainian Positions - US Law to Provide Ukraine with Lethal Weapons

Voice of Donbass - 27.09.16 02:11

The ceasefire and the «complete silence» regime have long become a relative concept in Donbass. At the beginning of the past week, reporting daily fifty attacks on the territory of the Republic from the Ukrainian side, the DPR military authorities called it a stable situation on the contact line.

However, since the middle of the week the number of attacks had gradually been increasing, and yesterday, September 25, it reached 130 bombardments, with the Ukrainian side having made 35 rounds on the area of the Donetsk airport from 122mm artillery.

Another 122mm artillery shell landed in Donetsk, and, judging by the nature of the crater, it had been launched from the territory where previously there had been no Ukrainian artillery positions. It looks like Kiev has equipped additional positions near Donetsk for the near and distant attacks on the DPR capital, and yesterday’s round on the city was a sighting.

Other attacks by the Ukrainian side were clearly provocative. In the locality of Zaytsevo, the northern outskirts of Gorlovka, a part of which is controlled by the DPR, and the other by Kiev, there has not not a single day of peace in the last year and a half.

Last week, the Ukrainian side twice shelled the very center of the locality, where the locals gathered to receive humanitarian aid at the "Red Cross» delivery point situated there. On the first day the delivery point was shelled with grenade launchers, on the next with mortars. The local authorities reported 11 82mm mortar shells landed near the humanitarian aid delivery point. Only by sheer luck none of the civilians was hurt.

Over the past week, according to the DPR Defense Ministry, the Ukrainian military opened fire on the territory of the Republic 424 times. Under fire came 15 localities, and 152 rounds were made from heavy weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements.

In the LPR the «silence regime» was observed earlier in the week, but at the end of it, attacks on the People's Militia positions from the Ukrainian side resumed. Over the past week, the LPR military authorities reported five attacks by the Ukrainian military and 74 artillery and mortar shells of various calibers, launched on the territory of the Republic.

From the LPR also comes disturbing information about the increasing number of foreign mercenaries on the Ukrainian positions. In total, in the Lugansk segment of the front, there has been recorded, to date, the presence of about 200 foreign mercenaries.

According to the LPR intelligence sources on the ground, in Stanitsa Luganskaya, situated in the north of Lugansk, there are located about 80 mercenaries from Poland, as well as another 40 mercenaries from Canada arrived there three days ago. The latter received uniforms and armament of the Ukrainian army, after which 20 men were sent to the Donetsk segment of the front, while the rest went to the contact line in the area of Lugansk.

In the same area, soldiers of the LPR army reported the appearance on the Ukrainian positions of the flag of the Turkish terrorist organization «Grey Wolves».

To the west of Lugansk arrived a group of 14 Arab-looking mercenaries who immediately went to the contact line.

The OSCE SMM observers met, three kilometers away from the contact line, two AFU soldiers wearing insignia of the «Georgian Legion». The locals confirmed to the international observers that military of Georgian origin stay in some houses of their locality.

According to the LPR intelligence, in Schastye, a town north-west of Lugansk, Canadian instructors are training the Ukrainian troops for combat in urban environments.

Three days ago, in the same city arrived about 20 American instructors who gave a lecture in the Ukrainian army units on the preparation and organization of mass disorder.

The DPR intelligence also reports the arrival of three subversive groups of the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine to the Donets segment of the front line. The authorities of the Republic assume that their aim is to destabilize the situation in the Republics during the primaries.

In addition, according to the DPR intelligence source in the ATO headquarters, Kiev is forming groups of 15-20 nationalists, uniformed as the DPR and LPT soldiers with the appropriate insignia. These groups are tasked to attack the near-front Kiev-controlled localities. The results of the murder and robbery of the local population are planned to be recorded and then shown on Ukrainian television.

Last week, in the LPR, there was found and de-mined another cache of weapons for the Ukrainian subversive groups.

Despite the agreement signed in Minsk on the separation of the sides in three segments of the front, Kiev continues to deliver to the contact line increasingly heavier weapons and, mainly, ammunition.

Over the past week, the DPR intelligence reported the arrival at theUkrainian positions of over 80 trucks with ammunition, three tank platoons, five batteries of 122 and 152mm howitzers, a battery of 122mm motorized artillery systems «Gvozdika» and two batteries of 120mm mortars.

Furthermore, 300m away from the contact line, the DPR intelligence discovered two vehicles of the Ukrainian military electronic intelligence, and in the south, Mariupol direction, «ArtOS» artillery fire automatic control systems of foreign manufacture.

In the Lugansk segment of the front, the ​​intelligence of the Republic reported the arrival at the Ukrainian position, of a platoon of 122mm MLRS «Grad» and a battery of 220mm MLRS «Uragan», in addition to armored vehicles, motorized artillery systems and anti-tank cannons.

The OSCE observers noted in their weekly report the withdrawal from the sites of Ukrainian equipment and weapons storage, of 30 220mm MLRS "Uragan", over 60 motorized artillery systems, 12 100mm anti-tank cannons «Rapira», over 60 tanks and 5 anti-aircraft missile systems.

We can only guess why Kiev needs all these weapons on the contact line in the light of the  agreement on the separation of the sides in Donbass, signed in Minsk, and the statements by the US Vice President Joe Biden about the readiness of Ukraine to provide the special status to Donbass.

Equally strange, against the background of the statement by the Vice-President about Ukraine's decision to end the conflict in Donbass peacefully, looks the unanimous adoption by the United States House of Representatives of the law on providing Ukraine with lethal weapons.

Meanwhile, the adviser to the head of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine has already announced that ‘Ukraine will never grant the «special status» to the LDPR terrorists’.

The Ukrainian Parliament Speaker stated that ‘Ukraine can beat aggressive Russia on its own, with a well-equipped army and joint sanctions against Russia’.

The head of the Donetsk regional military-civilian administration, appointed by Kiev, announced that if the Western partners of Ukraine did not extend the validity of the restrictive measures in respect of the Russian Federation, then Kiev would have no other choice but to prepare for a force scenario of returning the uncontrolled territories.

Journalist of Novorossia Vision - Irina Burya