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Ukraine presses trigger of the gun which it put to its own temple

06.03.17 01:37


‘My wife has fled from Ukraine,

My dog and cats have followed her,

Now I’m sitting and watching my fish

Pushing hard their aquarium towards the door!’

Zakharchenko: The DPR declares a trade embargo to Ukraine

‘We severe all ties with Ukraine, with which we are fighting. Yes, we were selling coal to get the money and pay the salaries here. But due to the fact that we have learned to live in the blockade, we are announcing the blockade to Ukraine,’ said the Head of the DPR. 

That's it. The project «Ukraine» has entered its final phase. The last running industry stopping, the crisis in the power sector, etc. - everything will begin to collapse by a domino effect. From a janitor to a director, everyone will cease gradually to do their job. Because they won’t be paid for it.

The Transcarpathian People's Republic will cease to be something out of science fiction. The rest will go along the same path. 

All that will be required from Russia is the introduction of a special contingent for the protection of nuclear power plants. 

The West will also introduce troops. Also for protection. Especially, because they are already there. In the Baltic States and Poland. 

The remaining potheads will be told that this is the very NATO which has come at last to restrain the aggressor.

A nice bonus is that the Ukrainian gas transport system will go into oblivion. The European losses will amount to ten-digit sums. However, it may be a good incentive to de-block the OPAL and not to throw tantrums about the «Nord Stream-2». 

In fact, everything is turning out quite well. 

The main thing is not to get in their way…

Julia Knyazeva