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ATO «veterans»: «Donbass syndrome» flooding Ukraine

Opinions - 23.11.16 02:15

Among all the follies that the «conscious» authorities have committed during their short reign, there is one so huge that now it will take ages to overcome it. It is a huge layer of «veterans» formed through efforts of many waves of mobilization and recruitment of various kinds of thugs and adventurers to the ranks of the AFU and the nationalist battalions, who have predictably turned into a real criminal army.

There is a review material of the Ukrainian site «Vesti», ‘It is worse than when Afghan soldiers went to the racket’. Back home, the ATO soldiers have also become cannon fodder. There is virtually nothing new - former soldiers are constantly engaged as mercenary forces in racketeering, «land issues», the redistribution of property, and, of course, in a variety of meetings, in the role of both protesters and a dispersing force. «Thugs of all trades», in a word.

There was an old movie «Soldier’s fate in America», about the veterans of the WWI, who did not find their place in civilian life. It would seem that the situation is like in a textbook: the «criminal power» has ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands of men, and they are now, desperate and hopeless, with a heavy heart, seeking sustenance by criminal methods. Is it so?

No, it is not.

It is not so for a very simple reason.

To begin with, the very quality of «human material» in the Ukrainian army (by this word I unite all armed people on the front line) was very low, even in the peacetime. Virtually the entire officer corps, not to mention the abundant generals, was a bunch of cowardly embezzlers having not a shadow of professionalism. Thus, the very foundation of the AFU human resources is a deep bottom. After Maidan, the cowardly idiots in the ranks were joined by idiots aggressive but just as greedy and unprofessional. They were driven to the army by their sadistic and marauding impulses nicely covered with patriotism.

This is the main difference between nowadays and the same situation, say, after Afghanistan. Then many became criminals after performing their international duty, whereas in 2014-16, a huge number of «soldiers» already had criminal records, like almost the entire battalion «Tornado», and the lion's share of the «Aydar" and «Donbass». The Ukrainian army turned into one big gang, practically uncontrolled by officers, with their qualification mentioned above.

Some of volunteers were not criminal in the legal sense, but they already were them psychologically. Remember that having tasted blood, torture and death, most of the Maidan supporters enrolled into the nationalist battalions as on an «adrenaline tour». Do you feel sorry for them?

As for conscripts, they seem worth sympathizing with. A workaholic father, you know, snatched from the bosom of his family, torn away from his crying children, and then returning to the ruins of his life… ah, tears already welling ... «And a medal for Budapest shone on his chest».

In practice, it was, of course, different. The monstrous corruption in the Ukrainian military recruitment offices had long formed a fairly acceptable price lists providing the «unfit to serve» status for a few thousand UAH. All «workaholics» paid off, and only those joined the army who did not have a penny to their name - alcohol addicts, the dregs of society, and their likes. So, the cry ‘Ah, they have come back from the army, and there is no work for them!’ is worthless: the majority of mobilized losers had never had this work.

There is one extremely delicate nuance, of which not everyone is aware. After the wages of the contract servicemen were raised to twice the national average wages, the number of «avatars» (or «blues» as alcoholics are called) has not decreased but, on the contrary, increased. Is it a paradox? Not at all. Because it is «avatars» they began to call up in the first place, because they can not help drinking, and every case of drinking is fined. An «avatar» is caught drinking a couple of times (and he certainly will drink), and he will not see his wages at all. In the Ukrainian army it is called saving.

And now hundreds of thousands of scoundrels who, in normal times and  in a normal country, would be sent to prisons and centers of employment, are «sanctified» with a status of «veteran» and already united in 375 veteran organizations. Good lord, can you imagine 375 veteran organizations? You do not to be a brainer to understand that it's just small Makhno gangs, like the «brotherhood of the 3rd platoon of the 2nd battalion of the 93rd brigade». Now they are heroes, and everyone has to bow to them, to give way to them in transport (where they have a free ride) and thank them for defending Ilovaysk. And, of course, this trash is now acting as «death squads», the Freikorps of the power, and, jingling their medals, hysterically screaming to any protesters, ‘We shed blood for you, and you are Putin's agents’.

However, the most important thing is that they have spoiled the name of «veterans». This scum at rallies, selling their services for 150 UAH and the racketing stalls, are they veterans? No, they are parasites. Which means that after the end of the «conscious» Sabbath, each of them should be taken care of, just like the Soviet authorities took care of each White Guard at their time. With all the ensuing consequences. Otherwise, this huge pack of sadists and parasites will deprive the country of a normal life for decades.

Grigory Ignatov