May 9 in Lugansk: Even festival organisers did not expect such influx of people

02:25, 11.05.2016

To be honest, you can’t get such an impression even in Moscow. The whole Lugansk seemed to gather for the holiday dedicated to the Great Victory anniversary. Moreover, it was not the parade of military hardware, which the LPR authorities brought more than enough, that attracted the total attention, but the Immortal regiment.

Neither the authorities nor the organisers to the media had expected such an influx of people. It seemed that whole Lugansk, with its 500-thousand population, gathered there. A column of people who came with portraits of their ancestors who fought in the Great Patriotic War, was moving in the Kotsyubynsky street like a deep river.

70 units of military equipment, including howitzers MSTA-C, D-40 cannons, MLRS "Grad" and even the famous T-72 tanks, caused far less hype than the Immortal regiment that was walking along the street for not less than one and a half hours.

This procession, spontaneously joined by onlookers, changed the plans of the organisers. As a result, ready to go columns of the unions and budget organisations had to wait to modestly complete the event "in the tail”.

The great number and unanimity of Lugansk residents struck, pleasantly impressed and forced to trust that it is not only ‘no one and nothing is forgotten’, but that everything is yet to come.