Abkhazia opens economic representation in LPR

03:26, 04.09.2016Economics

Abkhazia, whose independence is officially recognized by Russia, will help the LPR with coal sales for export. It was announced by Sergey Ladaria, the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Abkhazia in the LPR, within the framework of the economic forum in Lugansk.

‘We have decided to open a economic representative office of Abkhazia here, followed by the opening of a trading house. We also want to open a center for the rehabilitation of children and adults of your Republics on the territory of Abkhazia. You probably know about Abkhazia, this is such a healing country, with its sun, sea, mountains and mineral water. By the way, children of the Lugansk region have already rested with us. Everything went well and everyone was satisfied.

By the results of this exhibition, we will sign several agreements, about four and five. We are interested in meat and dairy products, poultry… You will be interested as wekk, as in Abkhazia there are coal mines, so we are ready to cooperate in the coal industry. We have a market for our coal, and we will try to help sell yours. There are a lot of plans. I think everything will be fine, ‘ said Ladaria.

According to: Политнавигатор