Donetsk answered the March of Embroidery in Lvov

02:19, 09.05.2016

Donetsk blogger Denis Seleznev has published a video on the rehearsal of the Victory Parade, which was held in the capital of the DPR.

'The relaxed atmosphere, all is very home-like. Such beloved Donetsk tanks. Our answer to the March of Embroidery in Lvov,' says the author.

'Despite the rainy weather, several thousand people came to the Lenin Square. This year the parade includes a number of military equipment of the time of the WWII, which were taken to the parade from the museum at the Saur-Tomb and restored to participate in the celebrations. In addition, in the rehearsal also participated parade parts of the units formed only recently,' said Seleznyov.

http://www.politnavigator.net/doneck-otvetil-lvovu-na-marsh-vyshivanok.html https://youtu.be/I8yBteasEvU