Eduard Basurin’s emergency statement

01:06, 30.12.2016

As I already stated yesterday, near the locality of Krutaya Balka, a subversive group of the enemy, numbering up to 10 men and supported by mortars and small arms, attempted to break through our positions. 

When approaching the DNR Armed Forces positions, as a result of being blown up by a mine field, three AFU soldiers were killed, four received injuries of varying degrees of severity, and the rest returned to their original positions. 

The Ukrainian side, through the media controlled by them, announced that it had successfully repelled the attack allegedly by the DPR Armed Forces. But if it was us who attacked, how come that a dead AFU soldier was found in the area of ​​our positions?

In fact, it was a violation of the Minsk Agreements and another armed provocation by the Ukrainian military who aimed, using the weather conditions, to seize our positions, took a foothold and wait for the main forces to come. 

However, their provocation turned into a fiasco. The Ukrainian military had simply been sent to a slaughter by their command. Let this be another lesson to the Ukrainian aggressor who, I hope, will understand that the «heroic» seizure of empty localities in the «gray zone» and attempts to attack our positions are absolutely different things.